River Cove Community 

River Cove and River Cove Meadows Community Information

Thank you for your interest in the River Cove Communities, located off Hwy 11 in Newton County.

River Cove and River Cove Meadows are communities protected by a declaration of covenants, conditions, and restrictions (also called CC&Rs).  CC&R's are a planned community's rules and property limitations; the covenants run with the land and are attached as deed restrictions.
Please be sure to get a copy of the CC&R's from your Realtor.

The community is managed by RCCA officers and the Board of Directors. 

Contact and Mailing Information: 305 River Cove Rd Social Circle, Ga 30025, email RCCA966@comcast.net

Current Officers:

President- Wayne Pugh

Vice President- Dianna Hadyk

Treasurer- Don Hadyk

Secretary- Larry Abron

Board of Directors: Greg Gann, Mike Johnson, Tim Stewart, Michelle Franchina, and LeAnne Long.


Architectural Board: Please submit all changes, new build plans, landscape plans, building plans, additions, secondary structures, etc.: Submit to RCCA966@comcast.net

Closing Letters: Submit to RCCA966@comcast.net

For copies of CC&R's, please contact RCCA966@comcast.com

The River Cove Pool is a private membership pool, not associated with RCCA.  For more information and membership information please call Nancy Head.